Ebbing Tide

Some people might be thinking, “She sure does have a thing about crabs” but really, I have a thing about color. Crabs, shells, trees, etc are just a vehicle for playing with color… I think how wonderful violet and sienna…

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Gray Day

When I was younger, all I wanted to do was paint with oils. I kinda thought they were the only “real” way to paint. But oils are expensive and time consuming. Living in San Francisco, I had to work a…

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Sea Turtle

I’ve been looking at ripples in water. They fascinate me. Yes, I love waves, sea foam, reflections but ripples… I was trying to imagine how I could paint them. I went online to and started looking at reference photos.…

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Scams and More Scams

Since starting this blog – or maybe since posting more on Facebook, I have been inundated with fraud attempts. I suspect, that as an artist promoting your work, you either have been, or will be solicited from all sides. The…

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Water spray bottle

Pressing Needs

In college, I was taught to “stretch” watercolor paper. You would dunk a sheet in the bathtub, then place it on a large board. It would be taped down with brown “postal” tape. Sometimes, you would reenforce this with thumb…

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