About me

About me

I was born an orphan in a small town in Lithuania. I came to this country, stowing away on a cargo transport ship with only ten dollars in my pocket, determined to …

No. Totally untrue, but my late father told me that if I made up a good story and spoke in broken English, I would sell more paintings. Probably true but I never tried it.

Here is the real story. I went to art school once upon a time. Lived life. Had a “day job”. Fell in love with oil paints. The smell, the feel, the effects, everything about oils enchanted me.

But… A painting would take me a year. To me, it was “real painting”.

I started painting in watercolors just as a way to destress after a long day in a cubicle. I would buy a cyclamen at the grocery store and paint it over and over. 

A painting took a few days at most. And slowly, watercolor took over. 

One of my first…


Decades went by.

I painted more and more. I joined a Facebook watercolor group where we would all post our painting and teach something about how we did them or request critique.

I learned whenever I posted. But I had people who wanted to learn from me. I got repeated requests to do a Youtube video to explain how I got certain effects…

But I am a slow painter. I can’t imagine how I would do a video of my slow and hurky-jerky painting process.

But I thought, maybe I could do a blog. Why not?

Of course I know nothing about blogging but I can learn.

So here we are.

I intend to complete paintings, taking photos along the way and trying to pass on some of the things I have learned over the decades. I am certainly not the best out there but I have tried and learned and that is sometimes enough.

I will see if I can link to the wonderful, tried and true products I have found to be worth it over the years. I would love to pass on my knowledge of great products and if I can get some pennies back from Amazon sales, hell yeah! Watercolor paper is NOT cheap.

So here we go. Join me for an adventure.