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Waterspilled on paper

Waxing Your Watercolors

Years ago I saw mention of “waxing your watercolors” in a discussion group and I was like, wait – what? So I checked it out. Yes, you can apply a coat of wax to seal your watercolors. There are pros…

Water spray bottle

Pressing Needs

In college, I was taught to “stretch” watercolor paper. You would dunk a sheet in the bathtub, then place it on a large board. It would be taped down with brown “postal” tape. Sometimes, you would reenforce this with thumb…

Paint brushes

On Brushes

Back, once upon a time in college, we were taught how to choose and buy a watercolor brush. It had to be sable. If I remember correctly, it had to be red sable. I think Winsor Newton was a preferred…